Interesting study made by Athlepic about the brand of shoes used by the runners on different marathon competitions around the greater Spaniard territory.

Brand positioning and other statistics relevant to the preferences of runners on the sneakers that the competitors wear, set by time and gender.

The set up of the experience brought by Athlepic was to have about 6-10 persons with ipads at the finish line area, counting (on a very quick way) the participants that get to the end of the race, by guessing their age, capturing their gender and the shoe brand, all this in a matter of seconds.

I worked on one of the proposals presented to the client.

with the official time of the race pulled from the event data and a summary of the participants counted in the middle area, separated by genre.

A set of buttons on the left with the age range pulled from each competition rules.

The possibility to pick the brand and the gender at the same time (since each input is time sensitive), by tap holding on each brand inside the scroll on the right area, it displays a toggle that lets you pick either to the left or right, depending on the genre.

If the race happen to be unisex, the app should be updated on that case and only allow to choose the brand.

A Quick animation for that explains the interaction of the brand/Gender selection.

Working with Starshot.