Second Sculpt ready to Rock! This time it’s a character based on a previous illustration i made, “Garabato” resembling the death, on a traditional dance from el Carnaval de Barranquilla


This time i decided to go for a full body sculpt instead of a bust.

Concept was meant to be exactly as the illustration, but on the creative process another ideas flowed; Influenced in part by the freedom of the tool i decided to give the character a diferent suit.

Testing some options was really entertaining once the model was ready for textures and materials.
Getting to know more and more about this tool it opens a lot of possibilities, concept art gets a fun reason to be on this tool, really pumped about this second experience!⌁

Initial idea was to make this character a single piece(one color) but on the flow i decided to jump to the next level and start making separated pieces in order to try diferent textures and materials in one model; The result was uplifting.




G started to look a bit more real and alive, texturing his suit with this sort of “Mini pores” added a better concept to my idea.
Outcome was satisfactory. ☺