VR and AR have been a recurrent topic in Cannes Lions over the past few years.

This year the official Cannes Lions app wanted to add an augmented reality app that “lives” inside the official Cannes Lions app, bringing the physical and virtual together, with lots of fun inside the festival area.

A map with different destinations and attractions like Bars, Cafes, Restaurants all related with the festival, with AR experiences like using a vintage dress or AR photo filters that get unlocked when user reach to a place guided by an AR pathfinder.

During the process we encountered some concerns like being careful of not having a bottom menu since the parent app has one.



Details where took into consideration like, phones that not support AR or phones with low bandwith

Taking as reference the user flow diagram already created by the creative director we started to work on the wireframes



This is a progression of key wireframes screens, these iterations were based on feedback received from the client.


In collaboration with Unit9, Starloop and Unity.